Madrid: where to eat II.


Aire Restaurant 

The restaurant was chosen for a special occasion dinner and is one of those “tiny bit above the mid range“. The interior and service were pretty nice, the menu was promising – interesting choices and combinations as well as nice presentation. The food was accurately and nicely done, though not all dishes were of my taste.

Overall, we enjoyed our evening, but the place is not the one that sticks with you after you leave, and this is something I am always looking for as a reason to return.





Takos Al Pastor

Budget friendly (very much so) and truly delicious street food. On late evenings be prepared to join the queue, but boy it’s worth. My ladies got more into quesadillas which I found messy and too meaty while I would always go for a bit spicy pork tacos with some lemonade on side (opt for Margaritas if you want). It is really cheap, tasty and fun. Highly recommended.



Mercado de San Miguel

The concept is similar to TimeOut in Lisbon/ Boqueria Market in Barcelona and etc. – Food market. Enjoy impressive variety of tapas, paellas with some sangria. If you are more sophisticated – go for oysters and wine. The place represents more of a street food culture – relatively inexpensive and finding a seat at the table might be a challenge at times.





El Corte Les Ingles 

You will probably encounter this place when googling where to snap the iconic picture of Madrid – the famous Gran via/Schweppes building. Then you will probably discover that people go up to the 9th floor of this building to enjoy the view. You will also find out that Gourmet Experience is located on the same floor.

The food is not worth the effort, however, grab a few tapas so you could sit at the table and enjoy a pretty nice view for a few moments. Be minimal, cause there are better places to have your meal afterwards.
In case you are a really good friend and relative, you can check relatively expensive foods and sweets to bring home as gifts.


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