Madrid: where to eat?


After just a single city break and a few places visited maybe way too early to start with  almost a food guide. But, hey, I can always add some new places once I am back. Right? And I will probably be back.

Moreover, I did my honest research for restaurants and coffeeshops prior the trip, so why not to save the trouble to some?

A few things you need to know about Madrid – it’s lively city, packed with people, pretty cool places and as for mid November the weather was completely suitable to still hang out in the park without a jacket. Sounds like a proper plan to me, if you ask.

Lets start with my favourite ones – breakfast and coffee places.

Federal Cafe (Conde de Bajares) – Plaza del Conde de Barajas 3, Madrid

Is a winner for breakfast. It is not a specialty coffee place, but coffee is pretty good to go with your breakfast. Had my breakfast here 3 out of 4 mornings and they all were pretty good – ranging from simple croissant sandwiches to several varieties of shakshuka or reuben sandwich. Cakes and cookies also available, though wasn’t intrigued by them too much.




Toma Cafe – Calle de la Palma 49, Madrid


Very hipster, one of the best places for coffee and lunch. Packed on weekend’s late mornings and early afternoons. Loved the vibe, loved the atmosphere and coffee, pretty nice sandwiches and bakes, mostly suitable for young people.

I will let photos do the justice.




Hola Coffee – Calle del Dr. Fourquet 33, Madrid

Might be the ultimate winner for specialty coffee places. I loved the cozy interior and friendly staff. Coffee was amazing, selection of cakes pretty minimal (which I love) and truly good.


Most of the time I get disappointed with brownies and other chocolate treats, but not this time. Brownie was chocolaty and dense and fudgy and all things brownie is supposed to be. It is a fair indication how good they are, I think. Banana bread and pistachio cake were pretty amazing too.

You can miss on other places, but don’t miss on this one, please.



Chocolateria San Gines – Pasadizo de San Gines 5, Madrid

Never forget about churros. Especially, when the most famous Chocolateria San Gines works 24 hours per day. We went there right after Mercado, because the midnight dessert seemed like a splendid idea.

Place is nice and almost elegant, but always full. However, the queues are managed pretty efficiently so you might soon get a table.

Get your churros, dip them into chocolate (which is more of a dense cocoa than chocolate) and enjoy. Then look around, I bet such charming mix of elderly-young-tourist-locals-families is not something you see a lot.

Take some pictures. People need to know.



Los Artesanos 1902 – Calle de San Martín 2, Madrid

Is another place for churros, though not so charming. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood and craving for some – go and get them. There are usually less people and churros are similarly good. However, in terms of service and atmosphere I prefer Chocolateria San Gines.



Know some cool places in Madrid to eat? I want to know them too.

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