This recipe was the cause why I decided to purchase “Sweet“ sometime ago. And not because I would not find the recipe on the internet, but mostly because I just loved the way authors thought about the flavour combination in brownies and expected the whole book to be amazing. And it is. I have tried […]

Aire Restaurant  The restaurant was chosen for a special occasion dinner and is one of those “tiny bit above the mid range“. The interior and service were pretty nice, the menu was promising – interesting choices and combinations as well as nice presentation. The food was accurately and nicely done, though not all dishes were […]

Guys, I am about to share with you a truly epic recipe – Ginger and Stout Cake, though I prefer to refer to it as treacle, ginger and stout cake. It was my first time using treacle which I purchased from Marks&Spencer just before they closed in Vilnius. I knew that I would probably use […]

After just a single city break and a few places visited maybe way too early to start with  almost a food guide. But, hey, I can always add some new places once I am back. Right? And I will probably be back. Moreover, I did my honest research for restaurants and coffeeshops prior the trip, […]

The cake is also known as World’s Best Chocolate Cake and based on your perception of a perfect chocolate cake it might be the truth. It was the first recipe I tried from the newly acquired book “Sweet“ by Y. Ottolenghi. Cake is simple to make (though with all the coolings might take some time) […]

Tęsiant obuolių pyragų kepimo sezoną, dar vienas iš jau seniai norėtų iškepti repertuaro. Pyragas vienas iš sunkesnių (skonio atžvilgiu), mažiau obuolių, bet papildomai gausu graikinių riešutų ir razinų. Toks per viduriuką tarp obuolių pyrago ir razinų kekso. Mary Berry Obuolių Pyragas Mary Berry Apple  Cinnamon Cake 225 g sviesto 150 g rudojo cukraus 3 dideli […]

Pyragas yra labai paprastas, greitai pagaminamas ir iš tų, kur “obuolių daug, tešlos mažai“. Pastarąjį savaitgalį kepiau jį du kartus, mat po vieno prisėdimo pusę jau nelikdavo. Receptą galite rasti “Lamų slėnyje“. Vienintelis mano pakeitimas – neatsispyriau pagundai pamažinti cukraus iki 100 g. Obuolius geriau naudokite tvirtus ir saldžiarūgščius ir pjaustykite kaip įmanoma plonesnėm riekelėm. […]